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So that post I made over a month ago that promised another update within a couple of days, well it lied.

Here I am, over halfway done with the quarter and things are going... fairly well. Classes have had midterms and quizzes, though I seem to be failing Accounting, it is for lack of trying mostly. Hopefully, with trying and studying the next midterm I won't fail and will be able to bounce the grade up to a C at least. Other classes, such as History 112, Textiles 375 and my "Senior Seminar" ConSci 595 are going swimmingly. Though I owe a cover letter in the latter and need to have it written and turned in tomorrow. Crap.

Job is good, though they have cut hours a bit since they hired too many new people. David's Bridal, as a CSR though it seems I may have a chance to get into their alterations since we've has two people move on to better things and I have experience sewing. Yay for potentially more money!

Guild...guildguildguild. Still working up to faire, madrigal went exceedingly well for having two performances and lots of newbie servers. Still deciding on character for faire, mostly depends on how people interact for the next couple of weeks. Given the reaction I've been getting, I may change just to not have to worry about making things more complicated. I just want to have fun and play, and if I'm going to be a person another can't work with, well then I'll make it so they won't have to work with me. Whatever, I try to reach out and get bitten in response. Or I don't and get grumbled at for hating.

Now to have a good concept of how any woman is a decent fighter and yet chatelaine at a relatively upper-middle class household...I realize I'm jumping around subjects but that is how the thought processes are working. I kinda want to rant about things, but that may have to wait for a separate post. Garb workshops are coming up, I need to seriously need to organize and plan for those as well as Performer coordinator stuff as that should be fairly hammered out before the end of the quarter.

I want time to play Harold, but that had been pushed to the wayside for two classes that are completely online and require a lot of time on studying. While I haven't been putting a whole lot of effort into, I am aiming for more actual studying and hopefully understanding of the materials, especially in Accounting.

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Date: 2007-02-09 12:19 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] whisperwheel.livejournal.com
Hey there,
you are welcome to steal Anna's M.O. if you want, she doesn't mind. :-)

HUGS, it will all turn out, holler if you need help.

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Date: 2007-02-11 05:13 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] osucssndr.livejournal.com
Question... since you mention alterations and wanting to possibly be in the alterations department:
I have a bridesmaid dress that I was to wear in my friend Heather's wedding. I am thinking now of wearing it for my rehearsal or something to that extent. It would need taken in and I think I would also want it shortened as it is floor length right now. I was thinking to a little below the knees. Would you be willing to look at itand see if you could do anything for me. The catch is you wouldn't be able to get my measurements until about a month or a tad more before I would need it. I would consider some sort of payment. Maybe email me and let me know???


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