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So, tomorrow is U-ren! It should be fun and not nearly as wet as the past two years. My sewing has been finished for two weeks and I really just want to go home and start packing up our food in our brand new Tiffin from Fifth Ave Gallery and Framing. It will be nice to just play and watch the performances without worrying about how things are going. We helped out with a crisis already this week, retrieving new shields when a purchased one proved to be unworthy.

Next on the sewing project list are two relatively small projects.

My homemade quilt from my great-grandma Granny has seen quite a few years, having recieved it for Christmas 1992, I believe. Yes, it had to be, Bud got one as well and he was just a baby. All of us cousins recieved them that year. Well, there is a particular cotton flannel plaid that she used that deteriorated faster than the others and now I have gaping holes in my favorite couch throw. I have a flannel to replace the panels that have torn. It requires taking apart the entire quilt, putting in the new panels, adding new batting and ties and then stitching it all up again. For as easy as it ishould be, it's still quite scary to go ahead and rip into my quilt. I'll have pictures of the before and after up when I've actually worked up the nerve to do so, maybe next Saturday.

My littlest brother (he'll be 10!) declared he wanted a black cloak with red stripes the first year he came to faire. That was four years ago. I've bought the black twill and skull flannel lining and red trim (bias tape for the edges) and I even have relatively recent measurements- though judging from new photos, he's gotten taller Again!.  This, again, should be easypeasy. I just haven't had time to work on it until now. I should have it ready for his birthday in June, which means I need it ready for Bud's graduation party, which is the end of May and will probably be the next time I'm going home other than next Monday.

After those are finished, I currently have 3 more in-depth projects.

Late 18th century zone front polonaise. It's blue linen with printed flowers, not really period but it's beautiful, with cream petticoats. I need stays for it, as the new Effigy styled ones aren't round enough to fake the shape. I ordered <i> Corsets and Crinolines</i> for $35 off of the used books at Amazon, so that should show up on Monday or Tuesday and I can start figuring out what is really different between the two shapes. I can't see the difference in photos so I'm going to have to take the flat pattens for both and compare them. Also, I'm currently working on a pocket embroidery in crewel. It's my design based in Art Nouveau, terribly period I know but it's been so much fun and I'm not even done with all the greens in it.!

Jeff and I would like to go to Bristol Renaissance Festival this year. It's a beautiful faire and we've wanted to go for years. Of course, I want to wear Penelope's garb. Unfortunately, I am not the same shape I was three years ago. So the blue velvet is getting a remake. I'll have pictures of the redesign up when I can connect my phone to the computer.  It's going to suck to pull it apart but hopefully I wil be much happier with it in the end.

The third project is currently very nebulous. I'm thinking bustle era, but haven't done much more than look at pretty pictures. This will be a from scratch project as I don't have any Victorian undergarments or anything. So yay! I'm rather excited about it as well.

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2009 renfaire poster, originally uploaded by textile_owl.

May 2nd 10-6

First Saturday in May by tradition

South Oval of OSU campus

Free to all!

Rain or Shine!

Ok, one of you who has better LJ-fu than me had better post this to [livejournal.com profile] columbus and [livejournal.com profile] ohiostateuniv or I'll send Veltaine after you on Faire day!
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It was kind of weird being in the audience this year,instead of on stage, or in the kitchen wanting to pull my hair out. But it was a fabulous show, the Guild is fabulous and has many spectacular performers who love what they are doing.

I especially enjoyed the last song of the song show.

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I am still alive, and not doing too badly either.

Classes have started up again as well as Guild. I'm taking what amounts to O-Chem lite (Chem 102), Twentieth Century Fashion, Why America is a Service-oriented country and how to keep it that way, and a Photoshop/flash class.

So far the only one that might cause me issues is the Photoshop as I've never worked with it. I have a paper due with a partner in the Service class in two weeks that is ten pages long. Chemistry isn't too bad and as long as I keep going to everything I should be alright. I actually enjoy Chem, reminds of the days I spent with dad at Wright State and BAC puttering through classes when I was little. The Fashion class is one I should pay attention in, as I don't know much about the last century in design or fashion. I might  actually learn to spot a certain design just by looking at it.

Guild looks like it will be turning out a fine st of freshmen this year, judging on how many we keep. The next couple of weeks will tell if the boys will stay or are too intimidated by twenty girls.

Looking for a job that is closer to campus/home. I don't have the time to drive half an hour and back to Davids after school, it's too much, especially when they are cutting hours anyway because it's starting to be the slow season.

Heroes last night= Fabulous and makes me excited/squee-worthy/anxious like I haven't been since Farscape. No kidding.
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So that post I made over a month ago that promised another update within a couple of days, well it lied.

Here I am, over halfway done with the quarter and things are going... fairly well. Classes have had midterms and quizzes, though I seem to be failing Accounting, it is for lack of trying mostly. Hopefully, with trying and studying the next midterm I won't fail and will be able to bounce the grade up to a C at least. Other classes, such as History 112, Textiles 375 and my "Senior Seminar" ConSci 595 are going swimmingly. Though I owe a cover letter in the latter and need to have it written and turned in tomorrow. Crap.

Job is good, though they have cut hours a bit since they hired too many new people. David's Bridal, as a CSR though it seems I may have a chance to get into their alterations since we've has two people move on to better things and I have experience sewing. Yay for potentially more money!

Guild...guildguildguild. Still working up to faire, madrigal went exceedingly well for having two performances and lots of newbie servers. Still deciding on character for faire, mostly depends on how people interact for the next couple of weeks. Given the reaction I've been getting, I may change just to not have to worry about making things more complicated. I just want to have fun and play, and if I'm going to be a person another can't work with, well then I'll make it so they won't have to work with me. Whatever, I try to reach out and get bitten in response. Or I don't and get grumbled at for hating.

Now to have a good concept of how any woman is a decent fighter and yet chatelaine at a relatively upper-middle class household...I realize I'm jumping around subjects but that is how the thought processes are working. I kinda want to rant about things, but that may have to wait for a separate post. Garb workshops are coming up, I need to seriously need to organize and plan for those as well as Performer coordinator stuff as that should be fairly hammered out before the end of the quarter.

I want time to play Harold, but that had been pushed to the wayside for two classes that are completely online and require a lot of time on studying. While I haven't been putting a whole lot of effort into, I am aiming for more actual studying and hopefully understanding of the materials, especially in Accounting.
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This weekend was pretty nice...minus the weather and things that make peope feel icky. I've a midterm on Wednesday and one on Thursday as well...Whee! Plus, have to start working on a research paper. Something to do with gender roles or something similar in one of the plays I've read for the class. Shouldn't be too difficult as it's only four pages and well, it's not a hard subject really. So far, I've not had many issues with Math 104 but Psych...am going to need to study before the midterm on Wed cause the quiz on Friday was not as good as I had thought. Stupid phrasing.

Work tomorrow and gilmore girls! That always makes things better, hanging out with friends and discussing a show that I've watched since my freshman year of high school. Plus the clothes on that show are just yummy....could I have Rory's designer for Christmas? Please?

Have to get a chemise done and a bodice repaired for Sunday as we are headed to ORen. I might get done before Saturday...
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Let's see...not much really to say, but felt I should say something. Hate it when that happens. Room is hot and I can't really wait until it gets cold enough in here to actually use blankets...

Hopefully will have a job soon, people at Marketplace finally got back to me and said I could work a shift on Friday for someone...joy. Now if only I could remember where I put that damned shirt and hat, as it seems my nametag made it here with me.

School starts in a week...a wedding to attend the weekend following, Guild starts back up again with two relatively major events going on during Welcome Week, and keeping myself from going too crazy from everything going on but hopefully once all that is done then things will settle down again.


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