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I wasn't accepted to UNC. I need to write an email asking what improvements I could use or something similar.

I did receive the packet from Savannah detailing what I needed to do should I accept their offer.  Their offer includes no scholarships, $45,000 in Federal Loans, and 6 extra classes before I can even start the graduate classes. It kinda sucks, but is better than nothing.

The scholarships could change depending on how well I do next year. With 45,000 dollars of government money I can pay off the $11,000 private loan that has a higher interest rate and can't be consolidated with the $28, 000 I've accumulated from OSU. Plus, I wouldn't have to take quite as much the following years depending on scholarships and grants. I need to call financial aid and find out who my advisor is on Monday. 

SCAD is on the quarter system, just like OSU. I can get the extra classes done in 2 quarters, and possibly even keep my schedule for graduation the same depending on if I want to take summer classes and what's available. I can take up to 4 classes a time, or stick to 3 and hopefully have enough spare time for a part-time job.

There's also a $500 acceptance fee which needs to be paid by May 1st.....stupid private schools. It'll make for another tight month. Though, David's may finally be picking up enough that I can get some hours there in the evenings and weekends. That extra income will help sooooo much. I can probably work there and Mascot up to the week we will need to move....

The fall  quarter starts September 14th. I'm not sure when our lease is up here, I think the 1st of sept. We will also need to find time in either July or August to go back down and find a place to live there. It looks like housing prices hae gone down some since we looked back in October, but jobs are going to be harder to find. Or at least decent paying ones.

In other news, I had two cavities filled on Thursday and found out that I will need a root canal. It seems to be the year for dental work. That will be done on the 15th. Hopefully, the dentist had no issues with insurance. I don't want another set of payments on top of everything else.
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I got accepted into Savannah College of Art and Design's Master of Fine Art in Fashion Design.

Whoa. Paperwork to follow.

I'm not saying yes or no until after this weekend at UNC, especially if I won't have a good idea if UNC will accept me.
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I finished up two important things this week so far and it's only Wednesday! I posted earlier my finished statement of intent for Savannah. It looks good... I really wish I had my essay skills from high school back, they have gone downhill since then. I also finished up a sewing commission for [livejournal.com profile] demonqueen666 , who seemed extremely excited by her pretty medieval gown. Now I just have to get pictures of it for my Theatre costuming portfolio, and maybe the Savannah one, I'm not sure. I've got quite a bit that will already be going into the Savannah one and it needs to be fairly cohesive. I worked a lot on getting scans and photos ready for this today, lots of time in Photoshop. Most can be seen here in various sets.

I would much rather take a nap than go to work....but I really need the money lately. I still have to pay for madrigal tickets, boning, and another official transcript as I misunderstood how many UNC wanted.

Thankfully, tomorrow I have off, so I can get done some of the sewing I need to work on.

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It's amazing what an English teacher and an engineer can do to my poor writing skills. )



Now I just have to figure out how to tweak it for theatre costuming instead of fashion...


Jan. 8th, 2009 03:37 pm
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Savannah College of Art and Design MFA Fashion Program

Statement of Purpose - in progress )



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So Savannah was beautiful, making it hard to come back to Columbus and deal with the cold and grey ickiness. Although today was sunny, it doesn't make up for the chilly and depression.

But let's go back to Savannah for a minute.
On Saturday... )

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Bright and early this morning at 4:00, Pyr and I  set off for Savannah to check out Savannah College of Art and Design for grad school. We said goodbye to the kitties and drove off into the dark early morning

I drove the first half, which went by fairly quickly. The sun came up as we were heading into Virginia, illuminating a scene that we had been anticipating for the last few weeks. The hills and mountains were blooming into brilliant reds, oranges, and yellows. Yes, Ohio has already been through this, but we don't have the span of depth and height of color that comes in the higher elevations of the Appalachians. These colors, of course, are Pyr's favorites so watching his reactions was fantastic. We may have to take time to stop and enjoy the colors on the way home if we can.

Just south of the N. Carolina border, we switched places, and of course it started to rain. We knew this was going to happen and was impressed how the drivers just plowed through, sometimes even picking up the pace to get out of the wet that much faster. We stopped for food in South Carolina at a Waffle House, which was tasty and very needed since we really hadn't eaten much since Thursday night.

After several hours in a grey haze brought about by the misty rain, we reached Savannah at about 3:00 having made pretty good time in spite of the rain. A beautiful bridge opened into the city and the rain lifted slightly but did not stop.
Our hotel is cheap, clean, and in the historic district - making it very central to anything we would want to get to. It continued to rain while we recovered a bit before we decided to brave the rain and find food.  I  would wax exponentially about the food, but Pyr did a much better job. If you ever get the chance to visit Savannah, stop and eat/drink at the Moon River Brewing Company.

Tomorrow, we're going to explore a bit before meeting up with the other potential grad students for the information meeting and then most likely more exploring. It continues to be a great adventure.


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