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Here is the orange and pink fluffy dress that has been on the list for about a year. Done and finished.

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Okay, so I am moved in, have been since last Wednesday but am still having issues with my computer that involve a loose keyboard connection that I should hopefully have fixed by tomorrow afternoon. Room is still a mess and Oscar is ready to explore but I won't let him because selena and osucssndr haven't gotten their large things in yet and that would require doors to be wide open and he doesn't need to be tempted or forgotten in the midst.

Let's see....what else has happened. Applied for a job with Victoria Secrets today. Not sure if i'll get a call back or not. I'm not sure I want one really since the job comes with pros and cons. mostly involving the fact that it is in easton and gas prices are up and it would mean having to go from classes back to the house to pick up the car and then make my way to Easton...it would just be a lot of work and I'm not sure the money would be worth it. *shrug* will have to see.

Had dinner with Pyr's parents yesterday, which isn't an odd occurance itself, just that it was just me and not the both of us. Wasn't too bad...felt okay even without Pyr there.

Have discovered the best thing to go with my garb this year. A lovely Jacobean petal purse. Now all I have to do is embroider it and put it together and we'll be set. Of course, I've never done crewel work but I've embroidered at least so I'm not going too blindly into this project.

so, sooner or later and I'll get internet up in my room. Had it breifly today with the wireless but lacking a keyboard made things difficult. Am itching to play in Milliways a bit. Maybe not so much as I used to but at least a couple of hours every few days.
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Ok, been busy lately with lots of packing and moving, pyr's things and my own. The renhouse opens on Friday and I've been packing little things today and getting them ready to haul over there this weekend. Large things are going on Tuesday it looks like: bed, dresser, some rolling chairs, a bench and a few other things like pots and pans. Oh and a few lamps.

Let see...what else has happened...no one around campus is hiring until school starts, I have a reasonably free car, tuition is being completely covered by loans and scholarships this quarter and it looks like I can pay for books with what is left over.

I have a set of garb almost completely finished and getting a better idea of who I am supposed to be for this year's faire. I need a larger hoopskirt but what I have will work for middle class, yay. Also have found things today that will work for jewelry, very cool stuff.

Sorry I'm scatterbrained but I'm trying to get things down while I have a computer as I don't know when we'll have internet at the new house.


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