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This weekend actually looks like it is going to be relatively quiet, other than Jeff working on Saturday which is fairly normal. His gf is home for the holiday which means I might actually see him for most of the weekend. So I'm going to try and be productive rather than a lump.  No going back to sleep when Jeff leaves for work this weekend!

  • Figure out Saturday dinner- there's broccoli and loads of meat to choose from.
  •  Make shift for 1780's
  • Take pictures of stays, on and off body
  • start patterning Anglaise - get to mock-up on bodice?
  • sketches of "current season" custom gowns for HDM
  • post pictures
  • create next weeks dinner/grocery list ( i hear there are now soy versions of whipped cream!)
  • clean the apartment
  • laundry - put away last weeks
  • create fitted bottom sheets out of top sheets
  • design cabinet to go under cutting table
It looks like a lot, and I probably won't get all of it done but the goal is to get most of it done. Hopefully it happens!
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My granny blanket is lying in a pile of pieces now that I've manage to pick apart the seams.  It's getting three new panels, new stuffing and yarn so hopefully it should be as good as new by the end of the weekend. I wish I could sew it up tomorrow at work, I really dislike leaving it in pieces.


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