Aug. 28th, 2009 11:11 am
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The cold I've had since Monday presented itself with an entirely new symptom that just makes me want to pull my teeth out. Now, I'm used to having sensitive teeth; cavities and the following fillings along with the new crown have made my mouth very susceptible to pain from all things sweet, hot and cold. It's something I've learned to tolerate very well. This new pain, however, can make me want to cry as it starts. It starts as a dull ache that spreads out from my right incisor  and blooms along the cheekbone and jaw until I can feel it in my lower jaw. It's enough that I have to remember to breath throughout, and then it just dissipates faster than it took to build.

It's not actually my teeth, I know because after the pain stops my teeth don't hurt at all. I've been able to drink things that usually set off the sensitivity in my front tooth, and while my crown still aches a little it's not painful to chew on like before I had the dentist fix the bite.

Plus Psuedoephedrine does seem to kill it for about four hours. I took two at 7:15 when I woke up, and at 11 the pain started up again, to fade and have a second shock wave. Two more and we'll see where we are at 3 pm.

I'm giving it until Monday, if it doesn't stop then I'm headed to a doctor.


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