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DSC_0068, originally uploaded by Fold In Progress.

Here is the orange and pink fluffy dress that has been on the list for about a year. Done and finished.

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This is mostly going to be spewing thoughts, as I am currently waiting for UPS and Fedex to show up with their deliveries.

Health Insurance - I've been dropped from my mom's health insurance because I graduated, it is only a matter of time before my dad's is gone too so it is time to do research and find something that works for me. My job is not full time and doesn't look to be becoming so in the near future. It is steady at about 32- 35 hours a week but I have a feeling it may drop back down to 25 in the winter when we don't have quite as much work. And while Jeff's insurance does allow for domestic partners, it would pull a hell of a lot of money out of his paycheck and it isn't the most useful insurance. I must admit to having been spoiled for health insurance, between the military and Mom being a nurse at Good Sam, we had pretty awesome insurance there for a while, at least as far as I could tell. I perused the eHealthInsurance website this morning and its little algorithm came up with 4 options for someone my age and ability to pay etc. So now  to figure out what I want and need for coverage. The monthly prices aren't bad, all under $100, copays are $25-35, deductibles are all $2500, but wow there is a lot I don't understand.


Penelope - I'm nearly finished with the new farthingale, having put the last of the boning channels and the ruffle on last night. All that needs to be done today is put in the boning. Next up - seeing how much of the skirt can be turned into sleeves and side panels, as well as seeing how well the bodice fits with the new stays. I have just over a motnh to finish this. Eep!

Marcon 45 - Since hearing that [livejournal.com profile] seanan  is the Filk GOH next year, I've decided to go to Marcon and this, of course, requires new costumes. The theme next year is zombies... and while I like the idea of zombies I don't want to dress up as one. So the thought then is mad scientist or doctor. White vinyl lab coat, green corset of yet to be determined design and some sort of pants. Skirts aren't very pratical in the lab while dealing with zombies, nor in the process of attacking/running away from them. Maybe some sort of pinstripe trouser. Jeff always asks about the character.... and I suck at character development  so I'm going to try and work on that. After all, people will expect personas if you are cosplaying.  I've also thought about being Rose Marshall, from Pretty Little Dead Girl, but I haven't been able to find a description for her so I'm not certain I could pull it off. I must delve some more before I decide. If not, a pretty 50's style dead girl will still work.

Marigold - This is what I wore to Faire this year. I like the pieces on their own, but they didn't quite create a whole outfit when together. I felt really out of place beside Sylvain so I need to make something that fits beter with Jeff's satyr .... I didn't realize this until I started writing this post so I don't really have ideas yet.... And more on that character development issue.

I think that's it for this post... there are other things to discuss but not right now

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I'm seriously considering subscribing to Your Wardrobe Unlock'd . I been perusing it today while waiting for UPS and Fedex to bring me the 3 costumes that are still out for the week, and I have found so many things that would make the $10 a month worth it a million times over.

I don't really have a decent grasp of what my finances are at the moment, though which means I'll have to wait until I can check all the expenses over either Saturday morning before Bud's graduation party or Sunday at some point. I did order a new battery for my laptop so by Tuesday I should have a more functioning computer that doesn't shut off every time you try to move it, otherwise I would have probably smashed it to bits in frustration when it does it next and then have to go out and buy a new computer. This would be on top of the second set of school loans that are coming out of grace this month, and the fact that we bought a lovely new sewing machine on a decent chunk of credit which we will now be spending most of the summer paying off.

There will be pictures of that beauty at some point, Jeff and I have both broken it in by sewing something on it. Jeff currently working on some new garb and myself finishing up the promised cloak for my littlest brother whose birthday is next week.

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So, I decided to stick to just one job for the moment. David's is great to work for but is stressful and would take up my time to get projects finished. Yes, I could use the money, but I'm not hurting for cash at the moment.

At 30 hours a week at Mascot, I have no problem paying rent and the bills, as well as putting some away for projects or trips. At 40 hours, things would be sorta cushy. Plus I get the opportunity to make extra money on weekends and things should I want to do so. 

When we move to the new apartment, rent will drop. His parents offered us the same deal as his sister but we don't like not paying some sort of rent.

So things are good here for the moment, I have to finish up a skirt and a pair of bloomers for Marigold which won't take too much time as long as I do it.

Honestly, it's all about having weekends and evenings. I spent all of college without either, dammit, and I want them back!
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Pictures of my latest two commissions are up at my Flicker site. Here for [livejournal.com profile] demonqueen666 's medieval madrigal gown, and here for the modernized corset.

There were challenges with both, though relatively minor. The woman who commissioned the corset is very straight through the torso and hip, so I played with seam placement and fabric choice to give an illusion of curve. It worked as well as it could, though I think adding a gathered skirt would increase the illusion around the hips.

I'm currently working on two projects for myself. One is a tailored jacket in striped blue wool with a shibori dyed silk lining. I need to do a bit of research first but hopefully it will be done in time to go with me to UNC for my interview and portfolio review at the end of March. The other is new faire garb which will be revealed in due course.

I wrote about getting a new job last week, right? Ok, so it was a one line post. I've been working for a week at the new place and it's going well so far. I'm the costume and shipping manager for a local character staffing and logisitics agency. I keep track of all the costumes in our fleet for our clients, process and schedule costume requests,  and make sure the costumes get to where they need to be when the customer wants them to get there.

So far I've dealt with mix-ups concerning dates of events,  requests that were verbal and therefore I had no record of the request - when the costume should have been there yesterday, and the inner workings of a company that only a few months ago had a fairly substantial turnover in its employees.

Right now I'm working about 30 hours a week, which is plenty of time to deal with paperwork, phone calls and things like laundry. But there is the good possibility that I'll get bumped up to full-time in a couple of months. Also, I get the opportunity to make even more money by helping out at events where our talent is needed! I'm doing one this Saturday at a local high school from 9 - 1, just enough time to make it worth it and still be able to work on other projects. 

<edit> OOh! It's apparently Pancake Day at the high school! Yum!

Pyr and I have been trying to be more social lately, a year off was plenty. So far we've been out and seen Coraline with a friend and to last night's Gaelic Storm concert at the Newport. Both were fabulous. Coraline was just on the edge of creepy kid's movie, the design was fabulous but the plot was on the level of an eight year old, very obvious and easy to follow. I'll need to read the book and see if it is as childish as the movie. I find it hard to believe it would be, having been written by Neil Gaiman. The Gaelic Storm concert was fantastic, they have such a great stage presence and I'm really glad they mix instrumentals in with the lyrical songs. They really show off the entire band's talent with the multitude of instruments they play. I wish they had opened up thebalcony so there was more seating, it would have made my back and legs less tired as well as being able to see a little better. For some reason, tall and stocky guys feel the need to stand in front of people who they could clearly see over.

Umm, let see what else is new? My application with SCAD is currently in review, I am working on my portfolio for UNC - it's harder because the format is completely different and I actually have to present it to a group so it needs to be very cohesive and easy for a bad presenter like me to show off. I'm also more nervous about UNC. From what I've seen of the program I think it will be a much better fit than Savannah, so I have to try that much harder to be accepted.
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Currently not getting any hours at Express... guess that's over with.

I need to by lacing rings for a new project, one of the last things to do for this outfit.

Commission is getting picked up  on Saturday it sounds like.

Set up a visit to UNC at the end of March, Drive down Saturday evening,  Drive back up Tuesday.

Need to stop and pick up a new large sketchbook,8x11 isn't going to cut it for some of the things I'm working on.

Portfolio pages are up at my flickr site it's currently on its way to Savannah.

Hopefully I will be getting my Fed tax return by tomorrow.

Sold out Madrigal on Saturday, it should be entertaining. I need to figure out my hair. Bella Visage ne LaBouche will be fun to play.

I need to use this week of no working wisely, I have plenty of projects to work on and finish up. I really can't afford to procrastinate much longer.

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  1. Pay Rent
  2. Move money around to pay rent (go to banks)
  3. Find a suitable storyboarding program for windows (any thoughts or ideas? I'm looking along the lines of iComic)  Found ComicLife, looks good!
  4. Rummage through sketchbook and find initial sketches and inspiration for projects
  5. Edit resume
  6. Call N about address for letter of Recommendation (UNC)
  7. Finish binding on commission corset - Ran out of black double fold bias tape, Damn!
  8. Put in grommets on commission corset- Tomorrow
  9. Finish up portfolio work - playing in Comic Life!
  10. Pictures of Pyr's coats- down to purple one
  11. Library run ( John Adams miniseries yay!)
  12. Sleeve fitting for new garb jacket
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I received the last of my w-2's today and excitedly opened up TurboTax to file. Thankfully, with an income under 10,000 and school tuition, the process is fairly painless and took about an hour and a half.  I get a lovely return of about 600 in all from the Feds and State, judging from the little timeline chart it should be in my hands by the end of next week.  A large chunk is going on my credit card, while the rest will sit in my bank account making it look prettier than it has been in a while. This may also be put towards the NC trip, depending on circumstances.

EDIT: I just finished up my FAFSA, I have no Expected Estimated Family Contribution!!! Yay for being an independent person....now to find money....

 I also received the last bits I needed for the current commission. Boning! Yay, and wow is a quarter of an inch tiny!. So what's left of this commission is to cut boning, put in eyelets/grommets (which ever are prettier), and bind the edges. It shouldn't take too long. 

I've been working on a new set of stays as well out of a very nice sari fabric that I bought at JoAnn's of all places. It's a very saturated pink  with gold floral brocade and an ombre to one edge. I need to take pictures. These will be shorter than my old stays, just slightly to allow for a little more hip movement. If I sat wrong the front edge would dig in at my pubic bone, not terribly comfortable.
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I finished up two important things this week so far and it's only Wednesday! I posted earlier my finished statement of intent for Savannah. It looks good... I really wish I had my essay skills from high school back, they have gone downhill since then. I also finished up a sewing commission for [livejournal.com profile] demonqueen666 , who seemed extremely excited by her pretty medieval gown. Now I just have to get pictures of it for my Theatre costuming portfolio, and maybe the Savannah one, I'm not sure. I've got quite a bit that will already be going into the Savannah one and it needs to be fairly cohesive. I worked a lot on getting scans and photos ready for this today, lots of time in Photoshop. Most can be seen here in various sets.

I would much rather take a nap than go to work....but I really need the money lately. I still have to pay for madrigal tickets, boning, and another official transcript as I misunderstood how many UNC wanted.

Thankfully, tomorrow I have off, so I can get done some of the sewing I need to work on.


Dec. 29th, 2008 04:31 pm
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So what's happened since my last real update?  Well...not a whole lot.

I've graduated, which is nice. The ceremony was ceremonial, we had the dinner afterwards at Bucca Di beppo where both sets of my parents, Jeff's parents and his sister and brother in law, my grandma, mamaw and papaw and my siblings all came together to have food and give me money. It was good and fun though I was so exhausted because I closed Express the night before and hadn't gotten home until 2:30.

Other than that it's been work, Christmas/Hannukah/Yule, sewing and not much else. There's been a general feeling of being stalled again, what with trying to get grad school worked out and actually finishing up the applications. They are no where near finished, but I'm closer than I have been.

We're celebrating the New Year with some friends from my TC class, which should be interesting as we haven't been socializing much outside of family. I'll be wearing my fun steampunk corset, just because I can - I need to figure out my hair. Then Madrigal and Gaelic Storm in February, I need to fix my garb for madrigal so I can wear the new blue and brown dress.
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Things to do in next two couple of days
  • Decide what twenty things go in my portfolio for Saturday
  • Arrange portfolio
  • Fill sweater and jacket flats with color
  • Cut up duct tape corset and pattern
  • Pattern [livejournal.com profile] demonqueen666 's medieval gowns
  • Sketch up said gowns in possible color combos
  • Re-download trial version of Painter - lots of fun, no practice
  • Welt buttonholes for coat
  • Re-cut collar for coat
  • Belt for coat
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I am now the proud owner of 150 ft of spring steel that I can't use.

Stupid no return policies. And stupid me for being blind when I purchased them.

Now to go buy more of the correct kind....

Anyone need any spring steel?

In other news....finals week next week. Ima gonna die.
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Let's see, what has happened this week?

Ah, yes.

I've a sewing test with the Alterations Manager for Davids on Monday at 3:00
I meet with the Director for the Historic Costume Collection on Tuesday at 4:00 to discuss internship options.

I'm still failing Accounting though I've been told that the cure can make all the difference.

Still waiting for permissions for the two classes. Need to drop the one off at Drake Monday morning.

I have a fairly concrete idea for what I want to do for my garb. I need to order the 'old gold' wool and get started on patterning my effigy style corset. Yay for green and gold with blue and copper accents. I need to decide that if I'm doing sleeves, what color combination they would be as I want to stripe them. Gold and blue, if people are paying attention, might get me in trouble on campus but the combination would be so pretty. The jacket will have paned and puffed sleeves, green and gold with embroidery made of lucet cording in the copper and blue. Front hook and eye closing green kirtle with gold guards.

I want to use reeds in the corset, if only to keep it light and airy, which research has shown to be the best quality of reeds. The others being that they retain their sturdiness and don't warp as easily as plastic. I will probably have to add a couple of steel bones along the main lines to give a bit of flexibility but it seems that most of the flexibility of an effigy corset comes from how low you make the front point and how you attach the shoulder straps. I may not be doing a lot of bending, but I need to be able to move my arms for fighting, it just might mean I don't do a whole lot of rolling around on the ground...bah.

Further updates as I can stand them
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Been trying to deal with a potato-chipping hoopskirt for the past couple of days. I put the bottom tape in and tried some of the plastic strapping pyr had picked up at his job, but it proved to be not strong enough. Tried some of the green lumber strapping from Lowes from whisperwheel, it's the same stuff I used in the other hoops and even that is not quite strong enough to hold out a 150" circumference made of broadcloth. Two rounds of it in casings about a half inch apart helped a bit more and now I can shake it into submission and it will hold its shape for the most part, but I am worried about it not holding up under cotton velvet and an underskirt. Looks like I'm going to have to try the steel version and see if that at least helps the bottom hold it's shape. Hopefully, I won't have to use steel for all the boning, maybe just the bottom and top (as it is the support hoop and I used rolled pleats to gather the top of the skirts which means there's a lot more fabric in the waist of the skirt than at the hem). Other than that, it looks good.

In the rest of my life, I had three midterms in the past week and did abominally on the Math one. It seems, after talking with several people in the class, that the class average was a 60% and that the professor intentionally made the test harder than usual...Well, considering it was seven pages of multi-part word problems that needed to be done in forty-eight minutes, I'd say that he was probably right. Apparently, people were booing him in lecture on Thursday, makes me glad that I wasn't there. The other two midterms should be okay, I felt that I did decently on them. I've also talked to my advisor and have basically the next two years of my academic life figured out. And if things go well, college could be ending a quarter early for me. It would be wonderful if that happened.
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This weekend was pretty nice...minus the weather and things that make peope feel icky. I've a midterm on Wednesday and one on Thursday as well...Whee! Plus, have to start working on a research paper. Something to do with gender roles or something similar in one of the plays I've read for the class. Shouldn't be too difficult as it's only four pages and well, it's not a hard subject really. So far, I've not had many issues with Math 104 but Psych...am going to need to study before the midterm on Wed cause the quiz on Friday was not as good as I had thought. Stupid phrasing.

Work tomorrow and gilmore girls! That always makes things better, hanging out with friends and discussing a show that I've watched since my freshman year of high school. Plus the clothes on that show are just yummy....could I have Rory's designer for Christmas? Please?

Have to get a chemise done and a bodice repaired for Sunday as we are headed to ORen. I might get done before Saturday...
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Things for mom to bring on Wed, and reminder for me to email said list.

Window Fan- 43" wide and preferably the type that has two fans with options on in/out motion

Farscape videos and DVDs- need to find my Chiana again

Buttonholer -as there is a Singer person now close to where I am and they can show me how to work it on my machine which it SWEARS it can be used on, plus I've found several other people who've said the same thing.

Sewing Machine manual

Shelves or something if she found them....she hasn't said anything about them so I'm going to think she didn't

Other sewing machine if the Singer person can't fix my machine quickly...it runs but loses the needle thread on the run around the bobbin part and usually makes for a very irritating moment because it isn't terribly predictable. Will probably require a new part and ordering part as the machine is forty five years old. But I love it and would rather it work than give up on it.

Talk to her about Iggy....need to be able to set him up properly as he would be a wonderfully content iguana if we could do that. Requires $$. Slowly work up to tropical conditions in his cage once moved...first step- climbing room.

Measure said iguana cage...to design climbing things

Rent and bills....as I've not had any income in a month and a half and my next paycheck isn't until the end of the month...

Ok...now going back to working on garb as I want to wear it tomorrow for the Involvement fair.
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Okay, so I am moved in, have been since last Wednesday but am still having issues with my computer that involve a loose keyboard connection that I should hopefully have fixed by tomorrow afternoon. Room is still a mess and Oscar is ready to explore but I won't let him because selena and osucssndr haven't gotten their large things in yet and that would require doors to be wide open and he doesn't need to be tempted or forgotten in the midst.

Let's see....what else has happened. Applied for a job with Victoria Secrets today. Not sure if i'll get a call back or not. I'm not sure I want one really since the job comes with pros and cons. mostly involving the fact that it is in easton and gas prices are up and it would mean having to go from classes back to the house to pick up the car and then make my way to Easton...it would just be a lot of work and I'm not sure the money would be worth it. *shrug* will have to see.

Had dinner with Pyr's parents yesterday, which isn't an odd occurance itself, just that it was just me and not the both of us. Wasn't too bad...felt okay even without Pyr there.

Have discovered the best thing to go with my garb this year. A lovely Jacobean petal purse. Now all I have to do is embroider it and put it together and we'll be set. Of course, I've never done crewel work but I've embroidered at least so I'm not going too blindly into this project.

so, sooner or later and I'll get internet up in my room. Had it breifly today with the wireless but lacking a keyboard made things difficult. Am itching to play in Milliways a bit. Maybe not so much as I used to but at least a couple of hours every few days.
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Ok, been busy lately with lots of packing and moving, pyr's things and my own. The renhouse opens on Friday and I've been packing little things today and getting them ready to haul over there this weekend. Large things are going on Tuesday it looks like: bed, dresser, some rolling chairs, a bench and a few other things like pots and pans. Oh and a few lamps.

Let see...what else has happened...no one around campus is hiring until school starts, I have a reasonably free car, tuition is being completely covered by loans and scholarships this quarter and it looks like I can pay for books with what is left over.

I have a set of garb almost completely finished and getting a better idea of who I am supposed to be for this year's faire. I need a larger hoopskirt but what I have will work for middle class, yay. Also have found things today that will work for jewelry, very cool stuff.

Sorry I'm scatterbrained but I'm trying to get things down while I have a computer as I don't know when we'll have internet at the new house.


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