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We are home safely from Bristol. It was a good weekend with a friend and her family. I am still processing the things I learned at Bristol, since we can't go to any renaissance festival without analyzing it to death. I wish we could have gone the entire weekend - one day in nobles and the other in something less fantastic. The dynamics of our interactions with people, patrons and cast, would have been very different.

On our way home, Pyr received a call from our landlord stating that we are  moving at the end of August because they have someone interested in the apartment. So, we're moving. It's not like we weren't planning on it anyway, but since Pangolin had to move her shop there hasn't been any work on the apartments and now we have to get the one we want into a liveable state, pack, sort, throw away, and move all of our things plus five cats in 6 weeks around work and an Art festival in August where Pyr and Pan are vending. There won't be much time for sewing it seems.

On top of this, I managed to not properly balance my laptop on the couch this morning and it fell, breaking the ac dc power jack so it is currently rattling around in the case. I'm taking it apart tonight to see how bad the break is, but for now I am computer-less at home- which should be ok since I have to pack up our apartment while Pyr and his dad work on the new apartment. It's going to make for a fun rest of the summer.
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An update for those not friended on Facebook, Jeff and I ( and others! like [livejournal.com profile] ezazahaz who may be providing us Ohioians with crash space at her parents, yay!) will be driving up on the 18th of July, visiting Bristol on Sunday the 19th and driving back on Monday.

Let us know if you're going to be there!

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2009 renfaire poster, originally uploaded by textile_owl.

May 2nd 10-6

First Saturday in May by tradition

South Oval of OSU campus

Free to all!

Rain or Shine!

Ok, one of you who has better LJ-fu than me had better post this to [livejournal.com profile] columbus and [livejournal.com profile] ohiostateuniv or I'll send Veltaine after you on Faire day!


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