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Darkness Falls

Filk song by [personal profile] seanan_mcguire  about the tv show Supernatural. I've had the cd Red Roses and Dead Things for a couple of months and it's taken me this long to realize which canon this was based on. I'm a bad fan. I haven't even watched last night's episode, we watched 1st season Angel instead.
I wonder what sort of song the last two seasons would be...

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Anyone want to go visit the Statehouse this Saturday?
The State House will be giving free tours and there's a civil war encampment. It's supposed to be fantastically beautiful as well. )

I'm not entirely sure how I want to get there. Easiest way would be by bus so I could avoid parking and having to get the flat fixed on my car. I'm thinking only a couple of hours, plenty of time to get back to other things people are planning for the afternoon.

What do you say?

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Hey guys,

My ridiculously small high school marching band is going to the Band of America nationals tomorrow for the first time ever. It's a fantastic show, and I  wish I had a better video of it...hopefully after tomorrow I will as the BOA  streams it live. Here is an article the local paper did about it as well, since the entire community has been involved.

It's my brother's senior year, and I have to say, in five years the band has gone so far beyond what anyone believes is possible for only 39 members.

Go Bulldogs!! Good Luck tomorrow!!!


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