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We are home safely from Bristol. It was a good weekend with a friend and her family. I am still processing the things I learned at Bristol, since we can't go to any renaissance festival without analyzing it to death. I wish we could have gone the entire weekend - one day in nobles and the other in something less fantastic. The dynamics of our interactions with people, patrons and cast, would have been very different.

On our way home, Pyr received a call from our landlord stating that we are  moving at the end of August because they have someone interested in the apartment. So, we're moving. It's not like we weren't planning on it anyway, but since Pangolin had to move her shop there hasn't been any work on the apartments and now we have to get the one we want into a liveable state, pack, sort, throw away, and move all of our things plus five cats in 6 weeks around work and an Art festival in August where Pyr and Pan are vending. There won't be much time for sewing it seems.

On top of this, I managed to not properly balance my laptop on the couch this morning and it fell, breaking the ac dc power jack so it is currently rattling around in the case. I'm taking it apart tonight to see how bad the break is, but for now I am computer-less at home- which should be ok since I have to pack up our apartment while Pyr and his dad work on the new apartment. It's going to make for a fun rest of the summer.
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I'm seriously considering subscribing to Your Wardrobe Unlock'd . I been perusing it today while waiting for UPS and Fedex to bring me the 3 costumes that are still out for the week, and I have found so many things that would make the $10 a month worth it a million times over.

I don't really have a decent grasp of what my finances are at the moment, though which means I'll have to wait until I can check all the expenses over either Saturday morning before Bud's graduation party or Sunday at some point. I did order a new battery for my laptop so by Tuesday I should have a more functioning computer that doesn't shut off every time you try to move it, otherwise I would have probably smashed it to bits in frustration when it does it next and then have to go out and buy a new computer. This would be on top of the second set of school loans that are coming out of grace this month, and the fact that we bought a lovely new sewing machine on a decent chunk of credit which we will now be spending most of the summer paying off.

There will be pictures of that beauty at some point, Jeff and I have both broken it in by sewing something on it. Jeff currently working on some new garb and myself finishing up the promised cloak for my littlest brother whose birthday is next week.

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yay for new keyboards!! It's a little thing and shaped differently enough that I'm still getting used to it.

Let's see....not much has changed since yesterday...but for a few glitches in things that really don't need to be mentioned.

Room is still a mess but now I can clean in the next couple of evenings with distractions that include Milliways and pretty dresses.

Need to drop off an app to Panera tomorrow and see if some of the shops on High are still hiring....getting tired of not making any money and still spending it.

Ummm...that's it I think...just letting people know that I am actually online now most of the time even if I may not actually be in front of the computer.

EDIT: I can't believe I didn't post this right after I talked to you pio...



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