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Is it July yet??

*sigh* Not that July looks like it's turning out to be any less busy than June has become. My awesome group of friends decided sometime during the end of the year last year to put together a dance and music show for a local community theatre. The choreographer of the group has been working with the theatre almost since its inception and the director asked her to "create" a show. And Create we did, much to the surprise of the director. Nearly all of the music was written in house, and all of the choreography. The show goes up next Thursday  runs to Saturday and again the next week.  I dance in three of the pieces and am glad to, my body may be cranky with me because it is so out of shape but even in the last couple of weeks of four day a week practices I can tell it doesn't hurt as badly as it used to though I'm still dying  and out of breath by the end of the last piece.

In those weeks was Marcon, which was a lot of fun. I got to meet a lot of very awesome people, put faces to lj names, and a possible dress commission that I'll talk about in a minute.  I am still surprised, given how busy I've been that I managed to make the dress I posted the picture of. I'm not sure how I managed it, given I can barely get any writing done this week.

Now dress commission! Eee!! I've ordered swatches and am scaring my delivery guys at work by waiting for them but none have shown up yet. I have a contract to write up, which is most of what I need to do but need Jeff to active beta while I'm working on it. And since we don't get home until after 10 due to rehearsals most nights, and I haven't been able to work on it at work, the contract has been sitting there waiting for me to poke at it and make it cohesive. My deadline for the dress is the end of August, so I have some time, but I want to get everything hammered out quickly due to the excitement and am failing that because of the show schedule. Boo. The commission is fairly straight forward, it'll be finding the right colors and then the patterning that will be the difficult parts though not difficult in the scale of things I can do, just in the project.

In other news, the cats are still clingy, the apartment is a mess and with the messy break-up of Jeff's girlfriend last month he's not been sleeping well and neither have I.
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Pictures of my latest two commissions are up at my Flicker site. Here for [livejournal.com profile] demonqueen666 's medieval madrigal gown, and here for the modernized corset.

There were challenges with both, though relatively minor. The woman who commissioned the corset is very straight through the torso and hip, so I played with seam placement and fabric choice to give an illusion of curve. It worked as well as it could, though I think adding a gathered skirt would increase the illusion around the hips.

I'm currently working on two projects for myself. One is a tailored jacket in striped blue wool with a shibori dyed silk lining. I need to do a bit of research first but hopefully it will be done in time to go with me to UNC for my interview and portfolio review at the end of March. The other is new faire garb which will be revealed in due course.

I wrote about getting a new job last week, right? Ok, so it was a one line post. I've been working for a week at the new place and it's going well so far. I'm the costume and shipping manager for a local character staffing and logisitics agency. I keep track of all the costumes in our fleet for our clients, process and schedule costume requests,  and make sure the costumes get to where they need to be when the customer wants them to get there.

So far I've dealt with mix-ups concerning dates of events,  requests that were verbal and therefore I had no record of the request - when the costume should have been there yesterday, and the inner workings of a company that only a few months ago had a fairly substantial turnover in its employees.

Right now I'm working about 30 hours a week, which is plenty of time to deal with paperwork, phone calls and things like laundry. But there is the good possibility that I'll get bumped up to full-time in a couple of months. Also, I get the opportunity to make even more money by helping out at events where our talent is needed! I'm doing one this Saturday at a local high school from 9 - 1, just enough time to make it worth it and still be able to work on other projects. 

<edit> OOh! It's apparently Pancake Day at the high school! Yum!

Pyr and I have been trying to be more social lately, a year off was plenty. So far we've been out and seen Coraline with a friend and to last night's Gaelic Storm concert at the Newport. Both were fabulous. Coraline was just on the edge of creepy kid's movie, the design was fabulous but the plot was on the level of an eight year old, very obvious and easy to follow. I'll need to read the book and see if it is as childish as the movie. I find it hard to believe it would be, having been written by Neil Gaiman. The Gaelic Storm concert was fantastic, they have such a great stage presence and I'm really glad they mix instrumentals in with the lyrical songs. They really show off the entire band's talent with the multitude of instruments they play. I wish they had opened up thebalcony so there was more seating, it would have made my back and legs less tired as well as being able to see a little better. For some reason, tall and stocky guys feel the need to stand in front of people who they could clearly see over.

Umm, let see what else is new? My application with SCAD is currently in review, I am working on my portfolio for UNC - it's harder because the format is completely different and I actually have to present it to a group so it needs to be very cohesive and easy for a bad presenter like me to show off. I'm also more nervous about UNC. From what I've seen of the program I think it will be a much better fit than Savannah, so I have to try that much harder to be accepted.
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Currently not getting any hours at Express... guess that's over with.

I need to by lacing rings for a new project, one of the last things to do for this outfit.

Commission is getting picked up  on Saturday it sounds like.

Set up a visit to UNC at the end of March, Drive down Saturday evening,  Drive back up Tuesday.

Need to stop and pick up a new large sketchbook,8x11 isn't going to cut it for some of the things I'm working on.

Portfolio pages are up at my flickr site it's currently on its way to Savannah.

Hopefully I will be getting my Fed tax return by tomorrow.

Sold out Madrigal on Saturday, it should be entertaining. I need to figure out my hair. Bella Visage ne LaBouche will be fun to play.

I need to use this week of no working wisely, I have plenty of projects to work on and finish up. I really can't afford to procrastinate much longer.

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  1. Pay Rent
  2. Move money around to pay rent (go to banks)
  3. Find a suitable storyboarding program for windows (any thoughts or ideas? I'm looking along the lines of iComic)  Found ComicLife, looks good!
  4. Rummage through sketchbook and find initial sketches and inspiration for projects
  5. Edit resume
  6. Call N about address for letter of Recommendation (UNC)
  7. Finish binding on commission corset - Ran out of black double fold bias tape, Damn!
  8. Put in grommets on commission corset- Tomorrow
  9. Finish up portfolio work - playing in Comic Life!
  10. Pictures of Pyr's coats- down to purple one
  11. Library run ( John Adams miniseries yay!)
  12. Sleeve fitting for new garb jacket
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I received the last of my w-2's today and excitedly opened up TurboTax to file. Thankfully, with an income under 10,000 and school tuition, the process is fairly painless and took about an hour and a half.  I get a lovely return of about 600 in all from the Feds and State, judging from the little timeline chart it should be in my hands by the end of next week.  A large chunk is going on my credit card, while the rest will sit in my bank account making it look prettier than it has been in a while. This may also be put towards the NC trip, depending on circumstances.

EDIT: I just finished up my FAFSA, I have no Expected Estimated Family Contribution!!! Yay for being an independent person....now to find money....

 I also received the last bits I needed for the current commission. Boning! Yay, and wow is a quarter of an inch tiny!. So what's left of this commission is to cut boning, put in eyelets/grommets (which ever are prettier), and bind the edges. It shouldn't take too long. 

I've been working on a new set of stays as well out of a very nice sari fabric that I bought at JoAnn's of all places. It's a very saturated pink  with gold floral brocade and an ombre to one edge. I need to take pictures. These will be shorter than my old stays, just slightly to allow for a little more hip movement. If I sat wrong the front edge would dig in at my pubic bone, not terribly comfortable.
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Things to do in next two couple of days
  • Decide what twenty things go in my portfolio for Saturday
  • Arrange portfolio
  • Fill sweater and jacket flats with color
  • Cut up duct tape corset and pattern
  • Pattern [livejournal.com profile] demonqueen666 's medieval gowns
  • Sketch up said gowns in possible color combos
  • Re-download trial version of Painter - lots of fun, no practice
  • Welt buttonholes for coat
  • Re-cut collar for coat
  • Belt for coat
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Ugh,  I don't want to go into work today, but since I'm down to one job that pays crap....gotta make money. I'm working quite a bit but it doesn't quite make things meet.

I do have two commissions in the works though, which should help. My step-mom wants a corset for photo shoots, so she came over yesterday and I ductaped her and have figured out a nice shape for her.  A guildian wants me to make her Madrigal and Faire garb, we've talked a bit but nothing too finalized. It's close to the end of the quarter so she is busy, I don't really expect a whole lot of action there until after finals.

My pink wool and leather coat now is pretty much finished....well I  have the lining together and the outside together. I  still need buttons, to make the buttonholes ( welted leather buttonholes!!), recuct the collar and finish that, add some padding to fill out the sleeves and back (leather is heavy !!),  add the "belt" to hid the wonky waist seam and a few more things....  Okay so it's not quite finished. At some point it may be.

I  have a portfolio session next Saturday.... I've scanned some things  but other than that not a whole lot has been done for that. I  have a week, right?


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