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So it's been about a month....


Third? week of Classes )

Work and etc )

With the Bloomington Faire canceled for this weekend, I'm finding myself with a day off that, looking at my assignments and how many weeks left until faire, I can't really afford to not have. It may mean haggling with my manager to get off whatever weekend that it is decided to be rescheduled, but I think that getting Pyr's business off to a good start is more important at the moment than a lot of things. Being at the faires is important to me and will give another perspective as to how products went over with the people, what reactions there were, and gives us another person to watch the booth.

Gah, I hadn't realized how long this had gotten. Must have needed to talk a bit. Well, there it is.
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Updated Spring schedule since I couldn't get into one class.

10:30 - 11:48 TC 685.01- Merchandise Buying and Management
1:30 - 2:18 TC 372- Appearance, Dress, and Cultural Identity

10:30- 12:18 Theatre 651- Intermediate Historical Costume Construction
1:30 - 2:18 TC 372

10:30- 11:48 TC 685
1:30-2:18 TC 372

7:30-9:18 Ice Skating 2- Intermediate Ice skating
10:30-12:18 Theatre 651
1:30-2:18 TC 375

10:30-11:48 TC 685
1:30-2:18 TC 372

Now to figure out my work schedule for that quarter as well with Faire coming up, I want to be at Fight guild more than three times a quarter. Most likely Tuesday and Wednesday from 3:30- 10 and then all day Saturday.
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Been trying to deal with a potato-chipping hoopskirt for the past couple of days. I put the bottom tape in and tried some of the plastic strapping pyr had picked up at his job, but it proved to be not strong enough. Tried some of the green lumber strapping from Lowes from whisperwheel, it's the same stuff I used in the other hoops and even that is not quite strong enough to hold out a 150" circumference made of broadcloth. Two rounds of it in casings about a half inch apart helped a bit more and now I can shake it into submission and it will hold its shape for the most part, but I am worried about it not holding up under cotton velvet and an underskirt. Looks like I'm going to have to try the steel version and see if that at least helps the bottom hold it's shape. Hopefully, I won't have to use steel for all the boning, maybe just the bottom and top (as it is the support hoop and I used rolled pleats to gather the top of the skirts which means there's a lot more fabric in the waist of the skirt than at the hem). Other than that, it looks good.

In the rest of my life, I had three midterms in the past week and did abominally on the Math one. It seems, after talking with several people in the class, that the class average was a 60% and that the professor intentionally made the test harder than usual...Well, considering it was seven pages of multi-part word problems that needed to be done in forty-eight minutes, I'd say that he was probably right. Apparently, people were booing him in lecture on Thursday, makes me glad that I wasn't there. The other two midterms should be okay, I felt that I did decently on them. I've also talked to my advisor and have basically the next two years of my academic life figured out. And if things go well, college could be ending a quarter early for me. It would be wonderful if that happened.


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