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Things to do in next two couple of days
  • Decide what twenty things go in my portfolio for Saturday
  • Arrange portfolio
  • Fill sweater and jacket flats with color
  • Cut up duct tape corset and pattern
  • Pattern [livejournal.com profile] demonqueen666 's medieval gowns
  • Sketch up said gowns in possible color combos
  • Re-download trial version of Painter - lots of fun, no practice
  • Welt buttonholes for coat
  • Re-cut collar for coat
  • Belt for coat
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I am still alive, and not doing too badly either.

Classes have started up again as well as Guild. I'm taking what amounts to O-Chem lite (Chem 102), Twentieth Century Fashion, Why America is a Service-oriented country and how to keep it that way, and a Photoshop/flash class.

So far the only one that might cause me issues is the Photoshop as I've never worked with it. I have a paper due with a partner in the Service class in two weeks that is ten pages long. Chemistry isn't too bad and as long as I keep going to everything I should be alright. I actually enjoy Chem, reminds of the days I spent with dad at Wright State and BAC puttering through classes when I was little. The Fashion class is one I should pay attention in, as I don't know much about the last century in design or fashion. I might  actually learn to spot a certain design just by looking at it.

Guild looks like it will be turning out a fine st of freshmen this year, judging on how many we keep. The next couple of weeks will tell if the boys will stay or are too intimidated by twenty girls.

Looking for a job that is closer to campus/home. I don't have the time to drive half an hour and back to Davids after school, it's too much, especially when they are cutting hours anyway because it's starting to be the slow season.

Heroes last night= Fabulous and makes me excited/squee-worthy/anxious like I haven't been since Farscape. No kidding.
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I am now the proud owner of 150 ft of spring steel that I can't use.

Stupid no return policies. And stupid me for being blind when I purchased them.

Now to go buy more of the correct kind....

Anyone need any spring steel?

In other news....finals week next week. Ima gonna die.
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Let's see, what has happened this week?

Ah, yes.

I've a sewing test with the Alterations Manager for Davids on Monday at 3:00
I meet with the Director for the Historic Costume Collection on Tuesday at 4:00 to discuss internship options.

I'm still failing Accounting though I've been told that the cure can make all the difference.

Still waiting for permissions for the two classes. Need to drop the one off at Drake Monday morning.

I have a fairly concrete idea for what I want to do for my garb. I need to order the 'old gold' wool and get started on patterning my effigy style corset. Yay for green and gold with blue and copper accents. I need to decide that if I'm doing sleeves, what color combination they would be as I want to stripe them. Gold and blue, if people are paying attention, might get me in trouble on campus but the combination would be so pretty. The jacket will have paned and puffed sleeves, green and gold with embroidery made of lucet cording in the copper and blue. Front hook and eye closing green kirtle with gold guards.

I want to use reeds in the corset, if only to keep it light and airy, which research has shown to be the best quality of reeds. The others being that they retain their sturdiness and don't warp as easily as plastic. I will probably have to add a couple of steel bones along the main lines to give a bit of flexibility but it seems that most of the flexibility of an effigy corset comes from how low you make the front point and how you attach the shoulder straps. I may not be doing a lot of bending, but I need to be able to move my arms for fighting, it just might mean I don't do a whole lot of rolling around on the ground...bah.

Further updates as I can stand them


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