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This weekend actually looks like it is going to be relatively quiet, other than Jeff working on Saturday which is fairly normal. His gf is home for the holiday which means I might actually see him for most of the weekend. So I'm going to try and be productive rather than a lump.  No going back to sleep when Jeff leaves for work this weekend!

  • Figure out Saturday dinner- there's broccoli and loads of meat to choose from.
  •  Make shift for 1780's
  • Take pictures of stays, on and off body
  • start patterning Anglaise - get to mock-up on bodice?
  • sketches of "current season" custom gowns for HDM
  • post pictures
  • create next weeks dinner/grocery list ( i hear there are now soy versions of whipped cream!)
  • clean the apartment
  • laundry - put away last weeks
  • create fitted bottom sheets out of top sheets
  • design cabinet to go under cutting table
It looks like a lot, and I probably won't get all of it done but the goal is to get most of it done. Hopefully it happens!
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Well, let's see the last actual post was on.....Aug 6th, wow. 

We're completely moved out of the old apartment. We even managed to turn in the keys a day early. The managing company ended up being a little pushier than we put up with, so we didn't clean the apartment quite as well as we should have. Oh well, it wasn't as if we were getting that security deposit back, what with Evander's loving care to the door frames. He isn't as bad as a teething puppy, but wow he can inflict some damage.

So, in the new intermediate apartment, where there is very little space for people and cats for all the boxes at the moment but as we get more settled I think we can manage to make it home for the month or so it takes to finish up the actual apartment. The last thing to be transferred over is the Gas account, which won't be shut off at the old place until tomorrow, and then won't be turned on at the new place until the 3rd. 

For all the moving, we've been pushing to be more social and so several good things have come out of it.. Trivia nights down at Claddaugh, Python nights at [Bad username or unknown identity:    ] 's , and hopefully more nights at the WIld Goose Creative. Jeff and I went to a concert there, a father who plays late fifties folk music, and his son who is the lead singer for Common Shiner . It was fantastic. The music was great, the father told stories in folk fashion and his son's music was very reminescent of Bare Naked Ladies with a little more soul. I'm sure it sounds very different with a full band behind him but  Morgan Foster did a set that made me wish we had recorded it.

But back to Wild Goose Creative, there seems to be a Stitch and Bitch every Tuesday, the girls said it was mostly knitters but would welcome any needlework so anyone want to join up for a Tuesday to stitch and hang out? It'll give me one more day to work on my pocket project, which lately is only getting worked on when we go to Jeff's parents for dinner. His mom has a floor stand that makes stitching so much easier.  I'm almost done with the greens, when you do a floral scene there are a lot of greens. I'll try to post a picture before too much longer.

September looks to be a full and interesting month. O-Ren starts back up, which means Jeff loses all Saturdays since his boss helps run a booth down there.  On the fifth, we're going to the New Boston Faire out in Springfield. It's one of the larger 18th century reenactments on the west side of Ohio that aren't almost in Michigan. We went two years ago and enjoyed it, so off to see it again.  No dressing up this year though, with the sewing machines packed up. The 19th is [livejournal.com profile] whisperwheel 's and [livejournal.com profile] knightvln 's wedding (crap, I need something to wear!). The 20th is the Ohio Steampunk's Invasion of O-Ren. September is also the busiest fall month at work, we already have most of the costumes that I work with booked and two major events that are going to need some major staffing and I may get to go to DC. We hash all that out next week, I believe. OSU starts back up late September and so does Guild which means we may lose a large chunk of our social group to dealing with newbies and schoolwork.  

Ok, that was more than I had planned on bringing up but it happens when you're procrastinating.

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As of right now, roughly half of our possessions have been moved to the new apartment. Actually, they've been moved to the apartment above the one we will eventually live in. Today, my brother and sister drove up from Dayton to help pack, and wow, that was helpful. We finished off the living room ( most of it had been packed up on Sunday) and then moved downstairs to tackle the ever-growing pile of leather that Jeff has acquired over the years. It was quite a feat, taking two loads of my brother's Bronco and the Camry.

The apartment has taken a bit longer to revive than anticipated, the wear and tear of an old man living in the same space for 11 years, who neglected to tell them of leaks and issues like termites makes a big mess. Jeff tore down ceilings in the kitchen and bathroom, though that one mostly fell on him, as  well as the back wall of the bedroom last week. Saturday we made a party of it and put drywall up on the ceilings. Sunday my mom and step-dad came up and helped me pack up the living area and move some of the larger things first, along with the help of an awesome friend while Jeff started stuccoing the back wall back into place. Monday was more stucco, Tuesday and Wednesday I went to work and did working things. I feel bad only working 2 days, but it was really needed. I'll just have to make up for it in September. Work is great, they tend to understand emergencies like this and I try to leave them very little to screw up when I'm not there.

This weekend is the Salt Fork Festival out in Cambridge. It's a festival we've been vending at now for three years so we're pretty comfortable with going there and hanging out for three days. There shouldn't be too much drama.


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