Jan. 25th, 2012

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So, a few minutes I had this post mostly written and then my computer did this thing where the mouse has been sitting on a short link and some part of my hand lightly brushes the track pad causing the page to change. Then to make matters worse, the auto save feature at Dreamwidth is clearly not working as I had absolutely nothing from which to start the post again. Thanks, guys. To top of my frustration, Jeff asks “ Why don't you work in a text editing format?” as if it will fix the problem now of having lost an hour and a half's worth of writing. I love him, but this wasn't a moment to remind me that what I was doing wasn't working.


I'm a little grumpy, though the roasted and spatchcocked chicken should help some with that. As will, getting over the frustration and getting the damned thing written again. You will lose some details but the general gist will be the same.


So! Sunday! The room was freezing and we didn't sleep well so we were up fairly early. Kitchen chat included republican nonsense and ignorant statements. My sister is included here – letting her husband decide who she should vote for. What is this Stepford?


The rehearsal was at 2, we were only a little late getting everyone and everything out the door. Even so we were down two groomsmen, and we did a lot of hanging out waiting for someone to tell us what to do. This gave us time to play with one of the bridesmaids' two sons, one a toddler and the other only a month old, as well as time to be silly and have fun. Us girls get along fairly well, even though two of us don't have kids, and the only thing noticebly in common is my sister. One did get a White Collar reference early on and kept winning points from me and Jeff. Hot, confident, good with kids and horses. Yes, please! Apparently there has been interest between her and my brother but the distance is making things as 'just friends'. My sister teased them all night.


Dinner was Bob Evans...none of us had eaten very much that day and I chose something that was very good but wasn't very good for me. Oh well, it was a good time to hang out and enjoy my family. We don't get whole lot of time to do that now with everyone.


Sleep that night was interrupted by the room now being too warm from a heated fan which never turned off and was getting so hot as to make me very nervous and I eventually shut it off. Then the thunderstorms after everyone else eventually slunk in after hanging out and chatting. We were up early again, this time for showers and then out to the church.


We were late again – a Walmart stop for snacks and t-shirts for the boys. Mom was there and then we split up into the Moose lodge team and the flower team. Jeff and I went with Liz to go and pick out and make the bouquets for the wedding. Yep, day of. Nothing like last minute planning. But it was fairly calm and soothing. W hite and green hydrangeas, white tulips, white and green roses, white wax flowers and evergreen fronds.


Back to the church for hair and makeup. I got Liz's hair setting then passed her off to makeup. From there I worked on bridesmaids. The first was the hardest, with straight thick hair, and I got frustrated enough that I needed to leave and hide for a little bit. I came back calmer and ready to tackle the next girl. This one was much easier, the pretty one we had hung out much of the time. A messy chignon with the fronts twisted in. A style that works reasonably well with hair like hers and mine – wavy and light.

My hair and makeup was somewhat last minute but I did finish and get dressed in time to be in line.


The wedding itself was short and sweet, though heavily nazerine christian with the unity candle and god's hand in every aspect of how a marriage is supposed to work. I tried to keep a straight face, which meant that I probably looked like a very bored statue. The pictures took forever but eventually we made it to the reception hall where we ate chicken and noodles, lasagna, and other very basic but tasty foods that Liz's now mom in law made. We managed to snag the two bottles of champagne meant for the wedding party and drink quite a bit of it before the rest of the table noticed. I did make sure the new married couple got their glasses first. A good time was had dancing and having time with family, barring a slight creeper that I had to rescue another bridesmaid from, and Jeff's sister clearly not having a good time. The party was about an hour and a half longer than it needed to be but eventually we went back to the church, cleaned up, changed and drove home. I could tell Jeff was exhausted as he was beginning to hallucinate conversations and being generally goofy. We got home about 12:30 and were asleep by 1.


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