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Monday my sister was married to her significant other of 2 and a half years. But first there was the bachelorette party. Saturday night Jeff and I drove down to Middletown to stay at her soon to be in law's place for the weekend. There was a lot to do before the wedding and it just made more sense to be down there to help since I was a bridesmaid and all. His parents are reasonably nice people, a littlie more right of center politically and religiously than Jeff and I, but somewhat accepting. His mother sees angels... which squicks me a bit in a way I have trouble describing. The belief is ok, but the evanglising conversation about angels I refused to have a part in.  They breed bloodhounds, and their current round was due on my sister's wedding day. The dog was huge, at least 12 pups and immediately took a liking to Jeff. Which is unusual  but cute, to watch him enjoy petting a dog that was clearly enjoying it.

But back to the fun part, Liz and I drove up to Dayton to the Masque, one of the more well known gay clubs downtown. We get there about 9:30 super early for the club scene just  about anywhere. Though it did mean we could snag a side of the stage/dance floor for the weekly Drag show that started at midnight. The other side of the stage was already peopled when we got there by what I think was a birthday party for a dapper young man who was a bit over dressed for the club in his freshly pressed pants, suit vest and tie. He was a nice looking Jewish boy there with his mother and friends. He was fiddling with his tie and enjoying the drag show. The emcee for the night was Sinthia D. Meanor - looking at their facebook - she is a regular and I  can see why. She has a good stage presence and can keep a crowd going for more. Her first set was "Hey Big Spender!" from Sweet Charity. She made a comment about bachelorette parties coming to see drag shows and how she didn't understand why we would want to watch guys playing at being girls and why not go watch boys strip. My first thought was " You put on a damn good show that I want to see", and " We have boys wave their dicks at us all the time and we're expected to a. enjoy it and b. act like we don't/are shy. I far prefer watching people enjoy what they are doing, make a good show of it and I can show my appreciation with out there being any expectation of reward. The next was Daray Lorez who performed mostly pop songs that I am not going to remember. She was good, and upbeat but not going to remember.  Third was the most exciting, Dee Ranged - Miss Universal ShowQueen and Former National Entertain Of the Year. Her three songs were the most well thought out and executed numbers - though man, the prep work. First song was Bohemian Rhapsody dressed as Edward Scissorhands. Makeup and costume was awesome, stilted movement and expression was very good. Second was a set of duets - I had the time of my life (from Dirty Dancing) and Summer Loving (from Grease). Here, she was dressed half in a Greaser's black leather jacket and jeans, and half in a womens short cocktail dress. Hair and makeup was also split down the middle, so that as the song went from male to female she would switch sides. Beautifully timed.  Her third song was clearly unimportant because she was dressed as the Mad Hatter from the newest Alice in Wonderland. Miss Ohio AAG Niomi Onassis was the final lady for the evening and even managed to drag my sister up on stage during her last song for a complimentary lap dance.

The music was great, good dance beats, songs that I even knew. I even danced and enjoyed myself , though being in heels meant my dance sets weren't long. I am so not used to heels anymore and I like it that way. The crowd was heavily mixed, which makes sense for a Saturday night at a gay club. They get to be a place where straight people go so they can dance without social pressure of hooking up - which can be somewhat detrimental to the club as people migrate over so do the people they are trying to not hook up with eventually follow. We had a couple of creepers late in the evening but they weren't overtly pushy and disappeared to find drunker prey when they discovered we weren't going to play.

We left the club after the last show set, dropped off another Bridesmaid at her home in Fairborn and - since I hadn't eaten in 6 hours - stopped by a McDonalds on our way home. Did you know they started serving breakfast at 3? It was news to me. We drove back to the house and it took some time for me to wind down - a couple of Bahama Mamas and a shot of tequila, then the soda and food and drive back. My sister - when tipsy - talks even more than she normally does. But it was a good time, hanging out with out having to do a whole lot of actual talking or being anyone other than me. Plus my officer's coat got some good looks as I walked out of the club.

OK, it's late. Sunday and Monday will have to happen later.


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