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The last couple of days have been rough.

Let's start with the dress. My sister is getting married on the 23rd. She says I am in the wedding party and that the color of the dress should be Kelly green and it should be floor length. Being the ambitious dressmaker that I am, I design a dress that would work reasonably well for me, accent her wedding dress (which we are also making) and meet her requirements. Well, this is where it gets tricky. I look high and low for decent green fabric months before the wedding while I'm doing the same searches for decent silk for hers. I find silk through Jacquard products that will work just fine in the white for her dress. The fashion world continues to disappoint me by not having any decent greens. So the next logical step for us is to dye it, right? Of course it is! Which didn't turn out too bad, the color is pretty even and a fair approximation of the shade they promised. It however does not match the Kelly green that is required for my sister's wedding. It's lighter in tone and even through an overdying in a darker green, it defies me.

My sister, being the passive aggressive person she is, said only that it was too light when I asked, not that it would definitely not work for the wedding, and somewhat implied that it was still up to me what I did. Until the day of her fitting, where finally after my own agonizing over the color to the point where I was so frustrated with myself I was yelling at Pyr over little crap, I asked her flat out if the color was ok and she conceded that it was unacceptable.

So I get to buy a dress. I feel like a failure when these things happen. It's now under three weeks before the wedding and I am now the woman I hated when I worked at David's Bridal. The woman who shows up at the last minute looking for  a specific dress.  At least I know I can do any alterations on my own.

Argh, this whole fiasco also brings up the fact that I have ADD/depression that is untreated and undiagnosed. The stress of the holidays and Pyr's sister's issues with her currently kicked out husband, and work have eroded any of the coping skills I've figured out. It doesn't help that work is slow in shipping, but office stuff in general is pretty busy. We are closer than ever to moving, although in a Zeno's paradox sort of way. I don't think I will believe we are moving until we are in the new place and everything works in the way it is supposed to.
There has been organization in preparation of moving, which means I have to relearn where things are in my office, even though I know it will be useful for everything to have it's place - the fact that it took three days to do it wears on a person. Today was quiet and just me in my room so I had some needed down time.

Back to the ADD/depression thing, I want to list the symptoms and work my way through them so  I have them a little clearer. I have a physical on Monday and I want to talk to my doctor about maybe something to help deal with the depression to get the ADD back under control. And as I look at the symptom list, and the fact that I want to go through the childhood stuff too.... I'm gonna do it as another post,k?

Also! Dropped my phone in the toilet this morning so it is currently getting a rice facial. Since a soak implies water and that is what got us in this place in the first place. I'm optimistic, it was still working when I fished out and then promptly shut it down. I put it in our drying room, and then managed to bump the power button when I picked it up at one point. Then I couldn't get it to shut off but all it was doing was spinny marker of doom. I had to take it apart to get it to shut off. That was far easier than everyone makes it out to be. So I took it apart, wrapped in paper towels in a ziploc for transport until I could get home. I'm making myself leave it in there until Saturday morning.

Hopefully there will be progress to announce then.


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