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It appears I still suck at posting.

Life has been busy enough that it is hard work enough to keep up with my friends' list.

Let's see, and try to break things down into a couple of categories

Work - White House Easter Egg Roll was insane and hot. I survived.  We will be moving later in the summer finally, since our new landlord wants to raise our rent. Thanks to the appropriate deities that my bosses are convinced that we won't go bankrupt doing so, since just today I hauled a six foot long costume crate up the stairs. I never want to see stairs in our office building again.  Also, now that the costume premiered, I built a dinosaur! Well, revamped an old design. And it still needs a lot of work but wow was it a study in how frustrating non-design minds can be. We couldn't get an executive decision to save our lives.

Social life - Jeff and I have been actively working this up more. Between Jeff's participation in Godspell and in the Magpies, we've had a busy spring that is turning into a whirlwind summer with 4 weddings ( one has passed and was beautiful). Memorial Day  was party central all afternooon but it was awesome. We've been going to ADF high days which have been really enjoyable and fulfilling in ways Christian church never had been for me. I don't have any need to go follow the druid path, attending is enough while I ponder how and why I worship the way I do.

Sewing - I've been working on a summer party dress. It's about half done construction-wise and then we need to dye it. Hopefully it will turn out fantastically.

Reading - Deadline!! In my purse! More coherency shall not commence until after I've finished reading. Stay tuned.
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